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AT PressReader, we started with a vision. Since 1999, we’ve kept professionals up-to-date with top quality trusted newspapers and magazines from all over the globe. We’ve done this by building the world’s largest digital newsstand that offers more than 7,000 publications from 120 countries in over 60 languages. It’s an award-winning digital solution that provides our readers access to whatever content appeals most to them, topped off with the best reading experience that delivers content in a personalised way. 

Keep your team on trend

We’re also a powerful tool. Access to PressReader means access to the world’s premium journalistic content enabling staff to stay on trend with current affairs, making them more effective in their role, and increasing awareness of local and global developments. With a PressReader account, your staff gains an international perspective from premium sources, whether it’s top news or local niche publications. 

It’s the tool already used by well-known institutions and businesses such as PwC, Ernst & Young, and L’Oréal. Whether your organisation is large or small, PressReader is a simple way to monitor trends, competitors, and opportunities without paywalls, incomplete snippets, or advertising – all before print editions hit the newsstands.

Access PressReader in a few ways

WiFi: When staff connect to the office WiFi network, they’ll have unlimited access to everything on PressReader. They can read and download as much as they wish or save publications on their device to read later, great for travelling executives. Setting it up is easy. All we need is your IP address, and you’ll be live in minutes.

Radiant: This feature is an extension of WiFi access. It allows staff to keep enjoying PressReader, even after they’ve disconnected from the office WiFi. With Radiant access, your team can continue reading outside the WiFi network for three days at a time. 

VIP Corporate: Provide an annual, unlimited subscription to PressReader for select executives and staff. Annual subscriptions allow them continuous access to current day news stories on PressReader, wherever they are on the go. In addition to access to an unlimited stream of content on PressReader, subscribers can:

  • Connect to a global community of information and inspiration;
  • Receive mail alerts on topics relating to your business or industry;
  • Activate up to 3 personal devices;
  • Access archives back to 2004.

Go ahead – Give PressReader a try

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