News: Strategic consulting most critical PR skill – ICCO World PR Report

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IN the recently published ICCO World Report 2021-2022, PR and communications professionals across the globe have cited ‘strategic consulting’ (45 per cent), ‘measurement, evaluation and analytics’ (35 per cent) and ‘research, planning and insight’ (32 per cent), as its top three areas of skillset investment, to help nurture, develop and retain talent. 

The specific areas of focus for talent development come on the back of 52 per cent of those surveyed, saying that ‘retaining PR and communications talent’ was now the biggest challenge for their business.

On a survey out of 10 (1 being strong disagreement and 10 being strong agreement), 6.1 was the average score given for PR and communications professionals feeling like there is a ‘plentiful supply of talent’ across the world.  

The report – published in partnership with Opinium – delivers a compelling snapshot of the global PR landscape, revealing the issues, trends, and opportunities for agencies across seven worldwide regions.

Reuben Sinclair co-founder and managing director, Rohan Shah said, “Given the tumultuous nature of the past two years, it is no surprise that 45 per cent of respondents believe that the most relevant skillset for future PR executives over the next decade will be in the realms of strategic consulting. Retaining talent still remains a significant challenge across the board and therefore offering a compelling employee value proposition (EVP), is key.”

PRCA director general and ICCO CEO, Francis Ingham (pictured) said, “The ICCO World PR Report shows a global industry that continues to have the best of both worlds – old school skills are still heavily in demand, but digital competence, insight, corporate reputation management, and strategic counsel continue to power ahead. Everywhere in the world, strategic consulting is becoming a PR executive’s most important skill.  As the industry recovers strongly, developing and retaining talent that addresses these areas will be more vital than ever.”