News: Comms Reboot – the communications unconference – takes place in October

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COMMS Reboot – the communications unconference – was launched this week and will take place on the 8 October 2022 at The Studio in Birmingham. Formerly The Big Yak, the event has been brought under the umbrella of communications consultancy, Redefining Communications.

Comms Reboot is a full day unconference where the agenda is co-created by attendees on the day. The event aims to instil energy into how people think about and practice communication in organisations, with topics fuelled by discussion and break-out sessions.

Jenni Field (pictured), founder, Redefining Communications said, “As we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, communication inside organisations and employee engagement has been a key discussion point for organisations around the world. This event is dedicated to addressing real issues, with an agenda set by those working in organisations, leading organisations, or those with expertise in communication. 

Uniquely for a communications event, we learn from each other and unearth what’s really a focus for organisations today and in the future. This year, we’re opening out the format beyond communications professionals to include senior client-side professionals, leaders and business owners interested in improving communication in their organisation.”