News: New book launched to help organizations streamline internal communications

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A new book, Influential Internal Communication, authored by Jenni Field (pictured), director at Redefining Communications, has been launched to help organizations streamline internal communications (IC) practices and drive engagement, efficiency and profit. 

The book is based on The Field Model™ and draws on research with CEOs and insights into people, organizations and chaos. The theory is backed up with data and statistics from industry reports on workplace culture and real-world case studies, showing how chaos can impact a range of organizations of varying size and industry. 

Matt Manners, CEO and founder at Inspiring Workplaces Group, commented, “A transformational book from a transformational and passionate professional. There is no employee engagement without internal communications and this book will help you deliver both effectively.” 

Field said, “Communication is the fundamental component, the golden thread, that runs through everything. It is representative of culture, it is the articulation of the strategy and it’s what we need to function as a group or community.”

“Better communication means better business practices as well as increased employee engagement, happier clients and customers, and stronger profits. Influential Internal Communication proves how influential internal communication (IC) is and shows the measurable impact it has on an organization’s growth.

For many organizations, IC often slips down the list of priorities when there are high-pressure, high-stakes business situations to cope with. This causes a sense of chaos and confusion within the organization that will eventually reach customers and clients. The book presents a clear, adaptable method to help readers understand, diagnose and fix their own communication challenges to transform chaos into calm,” said Field.