Sponsored: Media insight demonstrates ROI on communications

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THE communications function is imperative to any organisation’s success, but a return on investment can be harder to prove against other business functions that can rely on financially orientated results. Data-based evidence is the norm in proving tangible results and media communications does not have to be the exception.

Rue Point Media is a media intelligence consultancy practice that operates across all sectors, providing best in class measurement techniques on earned, social and owned media. Media insight reporting is key to creating a foundation from which to derive data-driven decision-making in planning and executing a communications strategy and from there, measuring an effective return on investment. 

In less than four years of business, Rue Point Media has become the trusted partner to industry leaders in banking, insurance, utilities, professional services, higher education, and retail, developing an understanding of the value of content and how that feeds into wider business objectives. 

Media insights can range from broad industry issues and competitive landscape analysis to more specific reputational, campaign or crisis management reporting. 

“We use proprietary insight tools built from the ground up and are ever evolving to meet client requirements,” says Jen McAndrew, Head of Insight at Rue Point Media.

Rue Point Media’s market-leading insight offering is not limited to big corporates. Its client base extends to SMEs, charities, government agencies and ministries, regulators, and independent bodies. Every client or sector faces its own challenges and must manage perception and expectation. Gauging the scale, sentiment, and prominence around how the media reports on an organisation, sector and key issues affecting both is crucial to setting the right media communications strategy up for success whatever the objective. 

“Our dedicated media consultants work in tandem with our clients to understand their strategic communication objectives and develop KPIs to track and trend media content as a measure of impact,” adds McAndrew. 

As members of AMEC (The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication), Rue Point Media adheres to the highest standards of media insight measurement. That means, looking beyond the advertising equivalents in terms of return on investment and identifying and measuring the true goals, stakeholders and intended impact of communications. 

Rue Point Media’s media consultants are trained to understand specific sector and competitive landscapes, trends within those sectors and how this plays out within media content; and as such are best placed to provide the necessary insights to empower customers to effect change.

Rue Point Media’s insight reporting goes beyond output and can analyse external factors that impact upon brands and communications messaging, with focus on measuring how media sentiment is shaped by media influencers, political figures, regulatory bodies or industry spokespeople. Rue Point Media also coordinates with consumer research companies on projects to facilitate a holistic view of what is driving sentiment trends. Using media insight is an experience that starts with ‘what and why’ and ends with ‘because and what next?’, that customers come to for intrigue and stay for necessity and that turns questions into actions that deliver tangible impact to organisational goals.

Contact Rue Point Media for a free consultation about your media insight options at: laura.gunnery@ruepointmedia.ie.