Insight: Irish public relations sector reports growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes

DR Martina Byrne (pictured), CEO, PRII and PRCA Ireland, shares a news round-up from the public relations sector in Ireland.  

“There has been a dearth of good news in the past 18 months, demonstrating the resilience, robust health, and increased respect and recognition of the contribution of public relations and communications to organizational success in Ireland,” she said.

Research by PRCA (Ireland) in the past quarter shows 60 per cent of PRCA Ireland agency leaders say the sector will grow this year; 36 per cent say profits were up in 2020 compared to 2019; the average agency salaries stayed the same or increased in 2020; 79 per cent say salaries will increase this year; hourly charge out rates stayed the same during Covid-19, unlike the recession in 2008/09; and the biggest issue that agencies have today is finding the right people to fill all the vacancies.

“For the PRII it’s also been a hectic 18 months alongside the move to online delivery accelerating due to Covid. Checking in recently with members on their satisfaction (a third of members responded) with the work of the Institute, PRII was delighted to see 75 per cent were very satisfied or satisfied, 20 per cent were neutral; 74 per cent would recommend others join while 95 per cent would recommend PRII courses,” said Dr Byrne.

Engagement with the Institute included: reading the weekly ezine; using the online media sourcebook; accessing research and resources; looking for new roles; and attending briefings on topical issues/skills. The most common reasons for being a member are improving professional profile; accessing relevant information on emerging issues/skills; and career development. The top three priorities, for members, are that the PRII continues to champion standards of professionalism; provide education and training; and represent and advocate for the progression.

Dr Byrne said “the PRII has seen some of the busiest months ever in vacancies in the sector and membership not only held through the darkest months of Covid but new members continue to join.”