Excerpt: The Value of Our Role

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AN excerpt from the book, When In Doubt, Make Applesauce! Core Habits of the Masterful Public Relations Professional, by Marc C Whitt (Cherrymoon Media, Lexington, Kentucky USA, Nov. 2022)

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The Value of Our Role.

The masterful public relations professional, through years of experience, understands the critical role PR plays. Whether you are part of an in-house team, an agency staff, or a full-time PR consultant, our efforts are crucial as they directly impact the success of the business or organization we represent by:

  • Supporting their mission and values through our counsel and strategic ideas
  • Advancing their brand through various means of authentic and ethical communication strategies that inform and engage the public and align with the organization’s mission and goals
  • Providing senior leadership with measurable objectives, strategies, and tactics that will both identify and address the perceptions, needs, and wants of our targeted audiences while, at the same time, offering wise and mature counsel on the most innovative ways to advance communication, relationships, and organizational policies
  • Foreseeing, interpreting, and preparing for issues and opinions that could impact peer and public perception
  • Framing and shaping organizational positions that establish credibility with internal and external audiences
  • Engaging and creating meaningful relationships that become productive and long-lasting and that encourage open, honest dialogue
  • Addressing and solving critical problems and conflicts
  • Making sure to deliver on your brand’s promise
  • Maintaining open, honest, and transparent communication and relations with the media
  • Maximizing the relational and marketing benefits of our plans and efforts
  • Establishing best practices that others in the marketplace will wish to follow
  • Performing all assigned tasks with the highest ethical behavior

Never, ever doubt the value you have for the business or organization you represent. People, including senior leadership and your staff, depend on you in many ways.

As one steadily develops to become the masterful public relations professional we have portrayed so far in this book, you will discover that your counsel will increasingly matter.

You hold a tremendous responsibility that you must never take for granted. But, like it or not, whenever people see you, they most often see the employer you represent.

When my three children were very young, I frequently took one or more of them to a movie on Saturdays. I was always mindful that even though I was “off the clock,” so to speak, I was still often viewed in my community as the PR guy who represented my employer, its mission and brand – even during my recreational times away from the office.

So, allow me to ask you a couple of personal questions that you need to ask yourself: When you encounter others, who do people see? Do they see the professional who embodies the values your employer claims it represents, and do you uphold those?

As we conclude, the message I want to leave with you is this: Being the master of your business or organization’s mission and brand is much more than simply overseeing their appropriate and consistent applications that the public will read or hear through stories, social media postings, advertisements, speeches, photos, websites, and print and digital publications – as crucial as these are.

The masterful public relations professional understands the deeper meaning behind mastering the mission and brand. It’s much more than managing their tactical objectives and applications.

To master the mission and brand, you must believe in and support the mission and brand. You can’t merely give them lip service along with a “pat and a promise,” as we like to say in the American South.

For you see, the PR professional who fully masters the mission and brand completely recognizes, appreciates, and supports them through their own words, deeds, and actions. It’s this holistic understanding that helps move this pro to the top of our profession.

In other words, when others see and hear you, they should also see and hear the heart of the business or organization you represent. And when this is achieved, you have risen to a new level of excellence. You have truly become a master of the mission and brand.