Editor’s note: PR ethics

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THE American author and philosopher Aldo Leopold once said “Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching – even when doing the wrong thing is legal.”

As September is Ethics Month, it is a fitting editorial theme for this issue of Strategic

It has often been said that public relations (PR) is the conscience of an organization. While it may safeguard and articulate ethical practices, in reality, ethics needs to be central to an organization’s conscience. It needs to be embedded in its values and culture, and filter through every department.

When I began researching the theme of ethics for this issue, many words stood out – integrity, truth, principles, fairness, values and culture. The past year has taught business leaders the value of empathetic, transparent and authentic communications. For those who get it right, they achieve more trust and loyalty from all stakeholders, while contributing to a greater cause.

Public relations practitioners can level the playing field by helping organizations to either operate ethically or overcome unethical practices. Equally, we have a duty to uphold best practices and professional codes of conduct in our own industry.

There are bodies, organizations and individuals around the globe who are championing ethics, many of whom feature in this magazine. While we can all be led from the top, there is also an element of personal responsibility in doing the right thing and leading by example. 

I hope you enjoy the Autumn 2021 issue of Strategic and that it resonates with you. 

Until Winter 2021, take care. 

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