Sponsored: Digital newsstand in your pocket

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HOW we access news has changed over the years from print to digital to social media. Traditional media remains the most trusted source of news and its reliability and popularity have risen even more during 2020.

People the world over need the media to access and digest news about world events relating to their lives. This year alone we have had the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the US presidential election. As PressReader houses titles from different parts of the world, you can read a news story from almost any country, offering unique and differing perspectives on world news.

An area that has taken prominence this year is business communications, resulting in Strategic Magazine. This international communications magazine for professionals and businesses is available on PressReader in 20 languages. Wherever you are in the world, you can take in insights about the increasingly vital and ever-changing communications industry.

PressReader gives you a digital newsstand in your pocket. Whether you are traveling, in a meeting, relaxing with a coffee or out for a walk, you have access to global news at your fingertips. PressReader is the world’s largest newspaper and magazine digital newsstand with over 7,000 titles in 120 countries and over 60 languages. It gives you the freedom to read a publication from one of the world’s largest brands, your daily national newspaper or a niche specialist magazine.

PressReader’s technology also powers Branded Editions (BE) – a white-label solution that enables publishers to deliver their digital content in interactive ways and allows them to build a customisable platform that supports a wide range of revenue opportunities.

Supporting the dissemination of information from reputable journalists and sources and editorial from titles you know and trust has never been more important for PressReader.