News: A Leader Like Me: Diversity in Action conference

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A global online conference, Diversity in Action, organized by A Leader Like Me, will take place on Tuesday, March 23, to explore actions and perceptions on progress through the eyes and voices of individuals across the diversity spectrum. The conference will cover topics such as overcoming adversity, building an anti-racist organization, how be a truly inclusive organization where everyone can belong, and looking beyond disability. 

Speakers at the conference include industry experts Priya Bates, co-founder of A Leader Like Me; Anita L Sanchez, founder and CEO of Sanchez Tennis & Associates, LLC; Simone Roche, CEO and founder of Northern Power Women; Adena J White, founder of Blackbelt Media LLC; Madiha Jafri, senior scientist (Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity) of Lockheed Martin, RMS Moorestown; Mark Webb, head of comms at, PR consultant and D&I campaigner; Jade Pichette, manager of programs at Pride at Work Canada; and Dr Leeno Karumanchery, co-founder and head of behavioral sciences at MESH Diversity.

“The death of George Floyd and the resulting protests unleashed an anger and awareness that has been building for years. The incident opened a floodgate as individuals and organizations around the world began reflecting on their roles in maintaining status quos, with many choosing to take action personally and professionally to drive change,” said Advita Patel, co-founder of A Leader Like Me.

“As the focus shifts from performative gestures to actual performance and measurement, we strive to keep the diversity conversation alive,” said Priya Bates, co-founder of A Leader Like Me. “We believe that those organizations who lead in this space will also benefit from innovation and growth,” she said.

Diversity in Action is sponsored by Redefining Communications, MeshDiversity, Pride@Work, IntentHealth and All Things IC. The conference series gives leaders from under-represented communities a platform to share their stories, struggles, strategies and success with an inclusive audience that needs inspiration and seeks to understand real-life learned experiences. 

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Photo: Advita Patel, co-founder of A Leader Like Me